At FMUK, we know that our members are critical to our business and driving the business agenda forward. We recognise, that no matter what your priorities, whether that be personal life, career development or a work-life balance, we can help you have a rewarding and engaging role within our team.

See more about what some of our members have to say about working at FMUK:

A day in the life of Adam Moore (Dojo Trainer)

I started with Futaba Manufacturing UK Limited in: August 2020

My main duties include (but not limited to) training new and current members to a safe working standard.

My typical ‘day in the office’ would consist of:

  • 9am = Weight wall/practical assessment.
  • 12pm = Dojo training of Core Comps.
  • 2pm = Debriefing with new members on their thoughts of their new process.

My favourite part of my job would be meeting new people daily.

I am passionate about ensuring training is given to a high standard to ensure all members are working safely

In 5 years’ time, I would like to see myself bring the training requirements we currently have to a higher spec.

If I could sum up Futaba Manufacturing UK LTD in 3 words, they would be;

  1. Friendly
  2. Rewarding
  3. Engaging

What people do not know about me is that I spent 7 years in the military working in London riding horses for the Queen and performing ceremonial duties whilst being part of the Household Cavalry.


A day in the life of Richard Gillingham (Process Engineer)

I started with Futaba Manufacturing UK Limited in June 2018.

Main job duties involve process analysis and improvement.

My usual day would look like:

  • 9am = Review previous days shift reports and plan activities around meetings
  • 12pm = Record or observe a process using PAB documents
  • 2pm = Review findings, log and innovate potential kaizen ideas

Favourite part of job would be seeing the results of my work translate into savings on the shop floor.

I am passionate about making improvements to benefit the company and the members.

In 5 years’ time I see myself leading a team preparing for the next Generation Toyota

I am currently working on saving time on all Circle G processes as part of 78 Second Takt Challenge.

If I could sum up Futaba Manufacturing UK LTD in 3 words, they would be;

  1. Rewarding
  2. Friendly
  3. Challenging

Something interesting about me…. I am still trying to play football at the age of 34 when my body is clearly telling me to stop! Young at Heart.

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