FMUK was formed in 1945 and has its headquarters at Okazaki in Japan, opening our UK plant in 2005 at Dove Valley Business Park in Foston (Derbyshire).

FMUK recently bought out American partners Tenneco at a site in Burnley, so that FMUK can now achieve better efficiency and share best practice across both sites.

Human Recourses General Manager, John Bawak, said: “Toyota makes up about 80% of our business, but we also supply parts to other OEM’s of which sales make up the remaining 20%.”

Production of the new Corolla, which is the best-selling car globally, rolled out of Derbyshire’s Burnaston plant at an official ceremony attended by global Toyota figures. The European spec model will soon be released, with FMUK seeing work on its components peak from March to September.

From an operations point of view, our unique Just in time manufacturing technics means there are deliveries leaving here every hour. If Toyota stop working, we stop working and vice versa.

The culture of Futaba is very much Japanese way of working, using Toyota techniques. All decisions are very thoroughly thought through. But it is very goal driven, and in most cases, very efficient.

As a company we are committed to an environment built on the principles of integrity, teamwork, and individual responsibility. FMUK is focused on achieving ever quicker production times, more streamlined processes, and highly tuned efficiency without sacrificing quality.

“The benefits of the merger are enormous. The new Corolla manufacturing lines, broader skill base, shared synergy opportunities etc. We can draw from these opportunities to support our growth strategy and be profitable.

“With less experts working in the UK from Futaba Japan, there is positive indication of headquarters’ confidence in local management and our self-reliance status in the UK.”

“My future vision is to put our members at the forefront of our growth strategy. If we are going to grow, succeed and be profitable, it is important to recognise the role our members play in this process. We have to clarify their roles, identify their skill gaps and provide much needed training and development opportunities.” –  Managing Director, Kevin Schofield.